Your Favorite Diabolo Lemonade Flavors

Bonjour Again America!

Summertime is here so we thought we’d share some exciting news with you! We are proud to announce that all six of our scintillating flavors are now available in 4 Packs! After all, what’s better than one flavorful friend by your side? Four of them, of course!

Our 4 Packs are your sexy new entourage that are all dressed up and ready for anything! Bring your tasty new besties for a rendezvous at the beach, a bike ride to the park, or a summer cocktail night. No matter what your summer plan is, the entire collection of DIABOLO Sparkling French Lemonade will be right by your side, soaking up the fun as your new favorite summer drink.

All of the DIABOLO sparkling lemonade flavors have been waiting for summer all year and are rockin’ their new summer-bods. These slimline cans pack flavor that will knock your socks off, all with only 50 calories per serving (can) and natural flavors.

Visit our store locator to find out where the DIABOLO 4 Packs are available near you, and let your summer sparkle with us!