Life never handed us lemons, but it did hand us Diabolo—a deliciously refreshing French sparkling lemonade that’s a sip above the rest. Diabolo pays homage to the simple yet memorable flavors of a favorite French refreshment. Having grown up in Paris, its sparklingly sweet taste has always been a nostalgic reminder of home. It’s sippable quality is meant to be shared, which is why we wanted to create the brand here, so you can enjoy it too. Crafted from naturally sourced ingredients, our collection of flavors are made with every palate in mind. Whether you thirst for lemonade with a hint of mint or prefer a touch of tangerine, there’s a can of Diabolo that can quench it. Trust us when we say this vibrant, guilt-free refreshment will transport your taste buds and become the French lover you can’t live without.


Like every child growing up in Paris, my favorite refreshment on a hot summer day was a Diabolo. This delicious and refreshing drink was always bursting with bold fruit flavors and a fizzy kick that made us laugh as children. The Diabolo has been bringing smiles to French faces for decades and remains a staple at French cafés and bistros to this day.

When I moved from France to the U.S.A., one of the things I missed most about my homeland was the Diabolo. So, I decided to re-create it here and share this French twist with my new American friends… et voilá, the Diabolo Sparkling French Lemonade collection was born in 2010.

As a doctor, I know the benefits of a balanced diet and lifestyle, so I applied this philosophy to the formulation of Diabolo. Our goal was to strike a balance between the bold flavors of the classic beverage recipes with naturally sourced ingredients. The result is a fantastically tasty beverage that is packed with B-vitamins, and not packed with calories or simple syrup. Diabolo is a tastier alternative to sodas and flavored sparkling waters that can be packed with sugar and calories.

The Diabolo Sparkling Lemonade collection has grown to six exciting flavors, each with its own personality and charm. These bold flavor combinations are the tastiest way to get to France!

Merci Beaucoup,
Michel Langlais de Langlade
President and Founder